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Manuscript Evaluation

Have you written a novel and are not sure if it’s ready to be sent to publishers?

A novel needs to be read by someone who isn’t your friend or family member, someone who can be an impartial judge on the work, and that person is a trained editor who has read hundreds of manuscripts and knows what to look for, and knows what publishers want.

An evaluation will provide you with honest feedback on such aspects of the manuscript as: character development, pacing, plot, structure, dialogue, language, setting, overall believability, and writing technique. Evaluations can be done on complete and partial manuscripts. The fee for a manuscript evaluation is $150 plus HST for the first 10 pages, and then $2 a page for every page after that, plus HST (if in Canada).

If you need an editor to spearhead the development and execution of a publication, I can effectively, and seamlessly, manage your project from concept to product. I've managed numerous consumer and trade newsletters and magazines.

I have experience seeking permissions for copyright material.

Whatever research you require, I have the skill and determination to hunt down the information.